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About Us

Our main goal is to protect animals

Miss Shirley’s Place (MSP) was born and the 501(c)(3) non-profit was formed in 2022. The mission offers a proactive solution in reducing the pet overpopulation where there are more animals than homes.
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What we do

We fight for dogs and cats in need, and we will work 24/7 to prevent future unwanted litters, surrenders and abandonments.


Help Control The Pet Homelessness Crisis

Spay/neuter is the most impactful solution in reducing over breeding and preventing thousands of unwanted dogs and cats from crowded animal shelters/rescues. Locally, MSP is the only spay/neuter humane society among the multiple humane societies.
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Frequently Asked questions

What does "spay" and "neuter" mean?
The word "spay" means to sterilize female pets by removing their ovaries. The term "neuter" means to sterilize male pets by removing their testicles. These surgeries prevent pets from producing offspring.
How old does my pet need to be before getting spayed/neutered?
We spay or neuter between 3 to 5 months. Younger pets recover faster from the surgeries than older pets.
Is there any post-surgery care that I should be aware of?
Yes. After having your pet spayed or neutered, there are a handful of post-surgery instructions that are important to follow.
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Pet Blog & Tips

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Dixie is a 17-month-old French Bulldog. She’s had a rough start! At a year old she had rectum prolapse surgery. At 15 months old, the owner’s friend was dog sitting and she was attacked by the friend’s dog and scratched in the eye. That lead to enucleation (eye removal) surgery 3 days ago at a […]

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Helping the Voiceless in Spalding County

This week volunteers from Miss Shirley's Place (MSP) Spay Neuter Humane Society visited a family who has 27 pitties. All are under a year old except the momma and daddy. Momma had 4 litters. None of the dogs are spayed or neutered or have been vaccinated. They live with the owners in a very small […]

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Safe and Loved at Miss Shirley's Place

A question I often get is “Where did the name Miss Shirley’s Place come from”.  Honestly, I had created an entire list of very witty, marketable names to choose from.  But when it came down to it I wanted something symbolizing a safe, loving place and that made me think of my mom. My mom’s name was […]

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Miss Shirley’s Place (MSP), A Spay/Neuter Humane Society, is passionate about animal welfare. We are a 501(C)(3) non-profit supporting lower-income pet owners by networking with shelters and rescues to decrease the overpopulation of unwanted litters, abandoned, surrendered dogs and cats.

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