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Jessica Beardsell
May 16, 2023

Dixie is a 17-month-old French Bulldog. 🐾 She’s had a rough start! At a year old she had rectum prolapse surgery. At 15 months old, the owner’s friend was dog sitting and she was attacked by the friend’s dog and scratched in the eye. That lead to enucleation (eye removal) surgery 3 days ago at a cost of $1,000. 😢

She is spending some time with us and recovering well. After recovery Miss Shirley’s Place (“MSP”) will organize and fund her spay.

Spay and neuter surgeries are extremely important as we struggle with the worst overpopulation crisis in a decade. We watch thousands of dogs/cats euthanized for nothing more than space. The overpopulation crisis is overwhelming however, the deaths and suffering of homeless animals is hugely preventable. Miss Shirley's Place (“MSP”) is offering the most effective means in combating the pet overpopulation and suffering, and that is to provide no cost spay/neuter surgeries to low income and financially struggling pet owners.

MSP is working on our goal to fight this issue at the source. This year we have spayed and neutered 30 dogs/cats and currently have a list of an additional 12 dogs/cats. 🐕🐈

MSP needs your help with funding so we can keep more and more dogs/cats from being killed just because they were born. Spay & neuter is literally the solution to shelter overpopulation. 👍

Please help us raise $2,000 for sweet Dixie and the in need dogs/cats currently scheduled. Your help will make a difference. Thank you so much for your consideration‼️




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