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Helping the Voiceless in Spalding County

Jessica Beardsell
February 9, 2023

This week volunteers from Miss Shirley's Place (MSP) Spay Neuter Humane Society visited a family who has 27 pitties. All are under a year old except the momma and daddy. Momma had 4 litters. None of the dogs are spayed or neutered or have been vaccinated. They live with the owners in a very small house in crates in very poor unsanitary conditions. 

Spalding AC, along with DFACs, EMS and the Fire Dept descended on the home last Thursday. They reported carpet soaked with urine, poop, dogs covered in poop and urine, some crates were stuffed with 6 dogs peeing and pooping on top of each other. The AC officer said it was horrendous. 

The owner, Mary is disabled trying to take care of 3 children, a young niece, a bed ridden, disabled family member and trying to manage 27 dogs which is out of control. Agencies are offering assistance on several fronts. Animal Control directed Mary to rehome all dogs except 5. 

MSP has already scheduled 9 spay neuter appointments including mom and dad. Many more appointments will be scheduled. We ask for assistance from rescue groups to possibly take in a dog or two. Personalities of the dogs appear docile, no aggression. 

Additionally, we are asking for donations to help fund spay neuter surgeries for the dogs. Any amount will be appreciated. 

This is a serious situation that needs immediate attention. The owner is really struggling and needs our help. The dogs need our help. 

Appreciate any help you may be able to offer. 

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