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Safe and Loved at Miss Shirley's Place

Jessica Beardsell
February 1, 2023

A question I often get is “Where did the name Miss Shirley’s Place come from”.  Honestly, I had created an entire list of very witty, marketable names to choose from.  But when it came down to it I wanted something symbolizing a safe, loving place and that made me think of my mom.

My mom’s name was Shirley.  She passed in 2020 of natural causes … not COVID.  My mom had 8 children, a crazy amount of grandchildren and great grandchildren.  While she was an animal lover and we had a wide variety of animals growing up she was mostly known for her work in day cares.  The children, co-workers, parents always called her “Miss Shirley”. She self-taught herself and was certified as a kindergarten teacher, won awards, and was very well respected in the community in Tampa, FL.  

The name is a tribute to her and what a wonderful lady she was.  Because regardless of who she was or what she did or who was around my mom always made everyone feel safe, loved and at “home” … in her world at Miss Shirley’s Place.

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